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What You Need to Know About Different Power Saws for Woodworking

Woodworking requires many tools, but power saws make up the core of the workshop. Handsaws can do some of the work, but having the right power saws for woodworking will make the work easier and safer.

For people who are new to woodworking, you will need to learn about power saw safety. It’s also essential to learn about the different power saw types and what they are used for. In this post, we are going to look at different saws for cutting wood and the woodworking tasks you can use them for. These saws types include the circular saw, table wood saw, reciprocating saw, jigsaw, oscillating saw, and miter saw.

A Circular Saw is a Versatile Woodworking Saw

If you are looking for a versatile saw for wood, circular saws are one of the best options. You even have compact models like the Versacut 4.0 Amp Compact Circular Saw. This is a great wood saw cutter because the lightweight, handheld design makes it easy to handle. It is also simple to change blades on this woodworking saw, meaning it can be used for crosscuts and rip-cuts.

Along with that, most circular saws have blades that can be angled for bevel cuts, and the shoe design generally makes these saws easy to handle for long cuts. This versatility is what makes this woodworking saw one of the most common power saw types.

Table Wood Saw

A table wood saw is essentially a workbench with a mounted circular blade. With the stable work surface, the table saw is great for making longer cuts on heavier pieces of lumber. You have a rip fence for making accurate rip cuts, a miter gauge that can be good for getting accurate crosscuts, and it is also a good tool for cutting dadoes and other joinery cuts.

The full-sized stationary table saw can be good for some workshops, but smaller portable models, such as the 15.0 Amp 10” Jobsite Table Saw With Laser, are good for DIYers. This saw for wood can make a wide range of different woodworking cuts, and with a lightweight, foldable design, it can be easily packed up for use in different locations.

Reciprocating Saw for Cutting Wood

A reciprocating saw is a portable saw that uses a push-and-pull motion on the blade to make cuts. You have a trigger and handle at one end, the center where you would place your other hand when it is in use, and at the front, you have the blade and a shoe that can pivot. A model like the 20V Power Share Reciprocating Saw makes it easy to pivot and adjust settings as you work.

Some might argue that the design of the reciprocating saw makes it the best saw for cutting wood in tight places, but it is generally better suited to making rougher cuts in situations where precision is not as important.

Use a Jigsaw for Wood

The jigsaw is a woodworking saw that works with a reciprocating blade action. The blade moves in an up-and-down motion and is designed to be used with the baseplate flat on the workpiece. A tool like the 20V Power Share Cordless Jigsaw is a saw for wood that is great for cutting curves and working designs into a project. While they are easy to handle, jigsaws are designed to allow free movement to turn as you cut so they can be difficult to control when you are first learning how to use this type of power saw.

As an alternative, you also have the Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw. This table wood saw uses jigsaw blades and cuts with an action that is similar to that of a jigsaw. However the table provides a stable surface to work from and allows you to use both hands to control the piece of wood. It can make many of the jigsaw cuts and it can also do things like rip wood and make crosscuts.

Oscillating Saw

The oscillating saw cuts with an oscillating back-and-forth motion. With an oscillating multi-tool, you can change blades for a variety of different cuts, and the compact, lightweight design makes the oscillating saw very easy to handle. It can be good for flush cuts and plunge cuts, and this is the best saw for cutting wood if you need to work in a tight space without sacrificing accuracy.

As an added benefit, you can also buy different attachments to use your oscillating saw for more than just making cuts. With an oscillating tool sanding pad, it could also work as a sander on some of your woodworking projects.

Miter Saws for Woodworking

Miter saws have a spinning circular blade that the user lowers down to make the cut. This saw for wood is ideal for making rapid accurate miter cuts. It can be good for jobs like framing, casing windows and doors and for cutting the joints for molding.

In the category of miter saws, you have the straight-cut models, compound miter saws and the sliding compound saws. The straight-cut miter saws are the least expensive, but you can make more complex cuts with less effort when you use a compound miter saw or ones with a sliding compound design.

With all of the various power saw types, it’s clear you have many options when it comes to choosing a woodworking saw. Knowing what you hope to achieve will help you select the best saw for cutting wood, whether that’s an oscillating saw, table wood saw, or another type of woodworking saw.

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What You Need to Know About Different Power Saws for Woodworking
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What You Need to Know About Different Power Saws for Woodworking
Different saws for cutting wood include the circular saw, table wood saw, reciprocating saw, jigsaw, oscillating saw, and miter saw.
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