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    Woodsmith Magazine Features the Rockwell 20V Brushless Combo

    Check Woodsmith Magazine (Vol. 37/No. 291) to learn more about brushless motors and get a peek at the Rockwell 20V…

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    10 Tips for Hiring Competent Contractors

    By Joseph Truini Finding honest, capable remodeling contractors is no easy feat. It seems the construction industry attracts its fair…

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    Control Attic Temperature: 3 Tips

    Here are 3 tips to help control attic temperature in the heat of summer, from the Rockwell Tools Rock Talk Blog.

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    Popular Mechanics “Know Your Vises” Features Rockwell BenchJaws

    The June 2015 issue of Popular Mechanics lists the Rockwell Tools BenchJaws hands-free bench vise as a good vise in their “Know Your Vises” article, specifically for construction and remodeling.

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    Your Next Cordless Drill: Feature Packed, Professional Quality

    When it comes to power tools, the cordless drill is the undisputed champion of the world. It’s the most popular portable power tool ever produced, and the very first power tool most people purchase.

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    Power Play: Making a Case for Brushless Motors

    But what exactly is a brushless motor, and what are its benefits? To fully understand this new technology, let’s take a quick look at the existing technology: brushed motors.

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    Perfect your Deck with Hidden Fasteners

    Premium decking like select grades of redwood and cedar rate a premium installation with hidden fasteners. They’re more expensive and take longer than nailing. But the result is handsome wood grain unblemished by nails, screws, splits, stray hammer blows, or deep nail holes that collect water and foster rot where contractors use pneumatic guns.

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    6 Pro Tips for Using a Multi-Tool

    The oscillating multi-tool, once considered a specialty item, is now an indispensable part of every pro contractor’s tool arsenal. And while homebuilders and remodelers may have been the first to embrace this versatile power tool, workers across all trades have since discovered the benefits of owning a multi-tool, including tile setters, drywallers, painters, flooring installers, siding and roofing contractors, trim carpenters, cabinetmakers, even plumbers and electricians.

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    Six Fixes for Decks

    Unlike sloped roofs and overlapped siding that shed weather, decks take the elements face first. From searing sun to ice and snow, the constant exposure can cause rotting, warping, cupping, and bare-feet hazards like raised nail heads and splinters.

  • Fishing Gear

    So you want to go fishing? Do these 4 things.

    by O’Neill Williams You’re the neighbor down the street asking to go fishing and you’re adamant that, since he’s a…