JawHorse: Not Your Father's Saw Horse 5

JawHorse: Not Your Father’s Saw Horse

by Joseph Truini

I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but it may be time to put my old wooden sawhorses out to pasture. That’s because I just bought the super-versatile Rockwell JawHorse Portable Workstation.

The JawHorse (Model RK9003) is essentially a three-legged sawhorse that’s ruggedly built out of steel. It can support up to 600 lbs. and the legs fold for easy transport and storage. There’s even a built-in roller that allows you to roll the collapsed 43-lb. JawHorse around jobsites.

However, its most innovative feature is a foot-operated vise that can exert one ton of clamping force. Simply set the workpiece between the two padded vise jaws and then pump the foot petal to tighten the vise. The vise is particularly useful when working on large, unwieldy objects, such as doors, chairs, cabinets, tables, even bicycles.


Rockwell JawHorse
With a one-ton clamping capacity, the JawHorse has plenty of power to grip oversized workpieces.


The JawHorse can be used as a sawhorse, of course, but it’s also useful as a workbench, machine press, bench vise, clamping table and miter-saw platform. I’ve used mine for a wide variety of projects including, woodworking, carpentry, plumbing, welding and sheet metal work.

The JawHorse RK9003 sells for about $150 and can clamp pieces up to 37 in. wide. If you need greater clamping capacity, consider the JawHorse Sheetmaster RK9002 ($175); its vise opens to 49 in., allowing it to securely clamp onto a 48-in.-wide sheet of plywood.

To learn more about the Rockwell JawHorse, visit RockwellTools.com

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