How to Prepare for a Fishing Trip 4

How to Prepare for a Fishing Trip

by O’Neill Williams

You’re the neighbor down the street asking to go fishing and you’re adamant that, since he’s a ‘pro’ and goes often, you wants to know what makes it so important in his life and how you can find it so exciting also.  Actually you’ve asked him several times and now he’s given in and you are availing yourself of his largess.

Would you take a bit of advice so, just maybe, he’ll invite you again?  Wanna know?  Play close attention now.  If you do these things, you may make a friend in the neighborhood that has a boat, truck, expertise, history, talent and the time to take you fishing.


1. Bring along your cell phone and offer to take photos of your host catching bass.  He’s often alone and has difficulty doing that with a selfie.

2. Buy all the boat fuel, not your share, not half, ALL of it.  Now, wait a moment, there may be fuel left when you return after the excursion.  So what?  On the way back home, insist on topping off the tank.  Remember, you don’t have to make payments on this very expensive rig whether it’s used or not, he probably does.  Offer to buy the fuel for the truck also.  At 12 miles per gallon and, maybe 80 miles plus for the trip, it’s expensive to pull the boat.  You pay for it.

3. Bring all the food, ice and drinks.  If your host wants to stop along the way and have breakfast, insist on buying it.  If you expect, according to the plans you discussed, to be fishing beyond lunch time, have sandwiches and drinks with you when you meet that morning.

4. Bring no more than a couple of rods and reels and a small tackle box, not a steamer trunk full.  I can you assure he probably has plenty of tackle and the boat is likely already full.  You old stuff is probably not in good shape, is outdated and will just prove to get in the way.  Ask beforehand if he wants you to bring anything.  He probably will not.

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