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Easy Home Improvement Ideas for Summer

Sunny summer weather offers the perfect opportunity to grab your toolkit and work on some home improvement ideas. With warmer temperatures arriving and the ice and snow behind you, this is the season to tackle all of those easy home improvements you have been waiting to get out of the way.

For homeowners who want to make the most of the warm weather, we have a list of summer home projects you should consider. These summer project ideas include:

  • repairing windows;
  • cleaning your home exterior;
  • refinishing entry doors;
  • inspecting your deck; and
  • making landscaping updates.

Window Repairs Are an Easy Summer Home Project

You can’t forget your windows when making your list of summer project ideas. Drafty windows can contribute to heat loss in the winter and also make it more expensive to run your air conditioner.

Start with a simple inspection and cleaning. If you come across gaps or a draft, you may need to reseal the windows. If your windows are wood-framed, you will also need to refinish the frames every 3-5 years. This is a relatively simple and easy home project that you can complete once summer has arrived.

Looking For Easy Home Improvements? Clean Your Home Exterior

If you are looking for simple home improvements that make a big difference, there are few that can beat cleaning your home exterior. This summer project idea is perfect for the beginning of the season. It gives you a chance to remove the built-up dirt and grime from the winter so you can get your house looking good as new.

This summer home project can be made simple by using a portable power cleaner or renting a pressure washer from your local hardware store. The pressurized water can be good for cleaning a wide range of home exteriors, and you can get the job done in less time and without any scrubbing.

Refinish Entry Doors for a Simple Home Improvement Project

With your home exterior cleaned, refinishing your front door is an easy home project that can boost your property’s curb appeal. You’ll just need some finishing supplies, a good work support to hold the door as you work, and a random orbital sander to remove the old stain or paint.

Instead of working with the standard sawhorse, you could make this simple home improvement easier with the JawHorse Portable Work Support Station. The clamping jaws are perfect for holding a door as you do things like sand and stain. It is also portable, so you can take the JawHorse anywhere you need it.

Inspecting Your Deck is a Top Summer Project Idea

Inspecting your wood deck should top your list of summer project ideas every year. Take some time to look for any loose, damaged, or warped boards. If the boards are loose, you just need to get your cordless drill or a hammer to fasten them back in place. If you have warped or damaged boards, though, you might need to use a tool like the Versacut 4.0 Amp Compact Circular saw to cut replacements.

If you do have to replace any boards, you need to remember to finish the new boards to protect them from weathering. You may even want to consider refinishing your deck entirely.

Landscaping Updates Are Easy Home Projects

Landscaping offers a range of options when it comes to summer home projects. Of course, you are going to want to keep up on the basics like mowing your lawn with your electric lawn mower, but this is the time of year when you can do more to enhance your home landscaping.

For summer project ideas, you could consider building a raised garden. Beyond that, you have options for planting flowering shrubs to add some color to your yard or you could plant some trees. You should also consider working on any trees or hedges that need trimming.

Summertime provides a window for you to work on home improvement ideas that can’t be done during the rest of the year. Since the nice weather won’t last forever, you should get started on your summer home projects right away.

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Easy Home Improvement Ideas for Summer
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Easy Home Improvement Ideas for Summer
These summer project ideas include repairing windows, cleaning your home exterior, refinishing entry doors, inspecting your deck, and making landscaping updates.
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