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Easy Backyard Ideas That Get Your Kids Involved in DIY

DIY backyard ideas can be more than something you just do on your own. They can also serve as an opportunity to get your kids started with DIY. With DIY projects for kids, you can not only start teaching your kids about doing some of the work around the house, but working on easy backyard ideas can also be good for bonding.

Your son or daughter might be a little too young for you to start showing them how to use your oscillating multi-tool, but they can work on a number of cool DIY projects for kids. Some of these DIYs for kids might require your help or supervision, but you can start building the foundation of their DIY skills while they are young.

In this post, we are going to look at some DIY backyard ideas for kids. These include building a:

  • raised garden;
  • bird feeder;
  • bucket potato farm;
  • scarecrow.

Raised Gardens are an Easy Backyard Idea

A raised garden can make it easier to grow vegetables or any number of other plants. With the right raised garden plans, this is a simple project you can do with your kids. Tasks like cutting wood with your compact circular saw will have to be handled by an adult, but there is plenty of work that can be passed on to the kids with this DIY backyard idea.

They can help with jobs like laying down the weed barrier and adding the soil. When it comes time to plant the vegetables, they can also work on that as well. After having a hand in building the garden and planting, your kids will be eager to go out and care for the plants and watch them grow.

Bird Feeders Are One of the Best DIY Projects for Kids

Making a bird feeder is one of the best DIY ideas for kids. Some DIY bird feeder plans are so simple a child could do all of the work on their own, but there are also some you could build together. This can be one of the best DIYs for kids who are just starting to learn to work with tools and build things. The best part of this easy backyard idea is that it’s got great payoff. Your child will feel great when they see birds coming to feed from something they built.

A Bucket Potato Farm is a Cool DIY Project for Kids

With a 5-gallon bucket you have an easy way to grow potatoes and one of the simplest backyard ideas for kids. All you need is the bucket, some wire mesh, gravel, potting soil, a few bricks, and a cordless drill with a half-inch bit.

Simply drill holes spaced about an inch apart around the outer edge and on the bottom of the bucket and then line the inside with the wire mesh. Add an inch or two of gravel and then top that off with about 4-6 inches of potting soil. Once it is ready, your child can add one or two seed potatoes with some fertilizer and you can set the bucket on the bricks.

After the bucket is ready, you can have your child go check to see if any of the shoots are starting to sprout up. Each time the sprouts become visible, they can add a little more soil until the bucket is full. Again, this is one of the DIY backyard ideas that remains interactive even after the initial work is complete.

Backyard Ideas for Kids Include Building a Scarecrow

Birds can be a real problem for some vegetable gardens. With that in mind, building a scarecrow can be a cool DIY project for kids, and it can also work as a way to protect your garden from birds. You just need some straw, some old clothes, and a pole. With a tool like the BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw, you can easily cut the poles from materials like wood, metal, or plastic. Then, have your children stuff the clothing with straw or cotton and prop the scarecrow up in the garden to complete this DIY for kids.

These DIY ideas for kids can be perfect for getting your kids outside and starting to teach them about DIY. As they get older, you can teach them more DIY skills to work on bigger projects. Before long, they will be able to work on many of their own DIY projects without needing help from adults.

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Easy Backyard Ideas That Get Your Kids Involved in DIY
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Easy Backyard Ideas That Get Your Kids Involved in DIY
DIY backyard ideas for kids include building a raised garden, bird feeder, bucket potato farm, and scarecrow.
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