• Build your own Garage Storage Bins

    Build your own Garage Storage Bins

    Many garages do more than shelter a car. They’re packed with utilities, washer and dryer, home shop, yard and garden tools, plus overflow storage that won’t fit anywhere else. Building rugged, 3/4-inch plywood storage bins can solve the crowding and clutter. And you can tailor the assembly to build one that’s just right for your space.

  • How to Lay a Laminate Floor 2

    How to Lay a Laminate Floor

    The difficult part with laminates is choosing from a huge range of materials. The easy part, specially with click-together products, is laying the floor. It needs some cutting at the edges, but there’s an impressive list of things you don’t have to do- like nailing, sanding, staining or sealing. It’s down; you’re done.

  • 3 Steps to Saving Duct Energy

    How to Seal Air Ducts

    Saving Duct Energy
    High-efficiency furnaces and AC systems can milk almost every penny from a dollar’s worth of fuel. But to get where you need it, conditioned air has to flow through the duct system, and that’s where losses add up. The Dept. of Energy says typical installations lose from 20 to 40 percent of their energy. The two culprits: direct air leaks, and radiation through duct walls.

  • Wood Flooring Options

    Wood Flooring Options

    Wood flooring comes in dozens of different styles, sizes and wood species, but there are only two basic types: solid wood and engineered wood.

  • Old Hats, Old Men and Maybe a Deer 3

    Old Hats, Old Men and Maybe a Deer

    Do you have a favorite fishing hat?  In my days, I’ve worn all sorts of fishing hats.  I’ll bet you…