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Best Father’s Day Tools for the Last Minute Gift Giver

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re the type to put off gift buying to the last minute, it is time to start thinking fast. For those with DIYer dads, there’s nothing to worry about: We’re here to inspire with suggestions for the best Father’s Day tool gifts that we know he’ll love.

Now it’s up to you to decide between an oscillating tool, work support stand, circular saw, drill or driver, impact driver, power sander, or portable saw table. Maybe a combination of gifts is perfect for Dad on his special day. You be the judge; here are the best Father’s Day tool gifts to give to your dad this holiday.

Oscillating Tool

For a dad that works on a wide range of different DIY projects, an oscillating tool may just be the perfect gift.

The Sonicrafter F80 4.2 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool is one of the best oscillating saws for the DIY dad. With a wide range of compatible accessories, it can cut through a variety of diverse materials. Additionally, it can even grind and scrape. You can go even further and buy a sanding pad that allows you to use the Sonicrafter F80 as a multi-tool sander.

Work Support Stand

A handy work support stand could be another great option for the handy dad. With the Rockwell JawHorse workbench, your father gets more than your average run-of-the-mill sawhorse.

The Rockwell JawHorse is a sturdy, portable workstation that your dad can use anywhere. With its foot operated clamp, the JawHorse and its accompanying accessories can also work as a third hand when he needs to hold material he is working on. If you are looking for something that will make his work easier and safer, the JawHorse workbench is a great option.

An alternative work support stand to consider is the Rockwell JawStand. The JawStand is another portable work support device, and it has a clamp that pivots for holding all sorts of materials. It also works well as an outfeeding device for when your father is making cuts using his table saw. To complete the present, you can look to get JawStand or JawHorse accessories that will make future jobs even easier.

Circular Saw

A compact circular saw could be another good gift for a dad that loves tools. With a model like the 4-1/2″ Worxsaw Compact Circular Saw, Dad has an electric saw that is both versatile and easy to use.

You can switch out electric saw blades to cut everything from wood to metal to tile, and it is designed to fit nicely in your hand for comfortable operation.

An oscillating multi-tool can achieve similar results as a circular saw. If your father already owns an oscillating power tool, you can get him a set of wood or metal cutting blades to make the job even easier.

A New Drill/Driver

Cordless power drills are some of the most common tools in home workshops, so your dad probably already has one. However, it might be getting a little old, or it may not work quite as well as it used to.

If your dad needs a new drill/driver set, the 20V Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill & Driver will be a great gift. With the 20V battery and rotating dual chucks for easy changeover, you get plenty of power from your cordless drill and a long run time from a single charge.

Impact Driver

If your father’s drill is still in good shape, you might want to consider getting him a cordless impact driver. With a model like the 20V Cordless Impact Driver, your dad will have a tool that drives screws faster and with less effort from the user.

If you think your dad could use both, you could go one better and get him one of the drill/driver sets that includes a tool that easily transforms from a drill to a driver.

Random Orbit Palm Sander

If your dad only has occasional sanding to do, a multi-tool sander – such as an oscillating tool with a sanding pad – might work well. But if he needs to do a lot of sanding, he would be much better off with a sander power tool that is designed for the task.

The 3.3 Amp 5″ Vibrafree Random Orbital Sander is an electric hand sander that can work well for a wide range of tasks. It is designed to fit easily in your hand, and this power tool sander has variable speed settings that allow for optimal work on different types of material.

Portable Saw Table

If your father often makes precision cuts, the Bladerunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw is a gift that has a lot to offer. The BladeRunner X2 is a portable saw table that can be used to make miter cuts, rips cuts, scroll cuts, and more. It is also lightweight and portable, which allows for easy use at any location. You can have this portable table saw set up in matter of seconds, and it also packs away easily.

You’ve waited long enough; get Dad a gift he’ll love this Father’s Day. Shop Rockwell now.