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The Best Alternatives to Your Basic Sawhorse

A sawhorse is useful for supporting and cutting stock, but the tool does have its limitations. Fortunately for both the modern DIYer and professional contractor, there is a whole new breed of sawhorse workbench available. Not only does it perform better at all of the tasks a basic sawhorse table is capable of, but it’s also designed to perform a wider range of functions.

Instead of simply being a work support, these new models have a range of features that make for a more complete sawhorse workbench. With improvements like an adjustable height sawhorse and clamping mechanisms, these implements can support stock while you work. They can also act as a third hand in situations where you are working at your sawhorse workbench alone.

If you are looking for an alternative to your basic sawhorse table, Rockwell and Worx make some of the best work support devices. This post will take a closer look at two of Rockwell’s premiere sawhorse workbench offerings: the Rockwell JawHorse and the Rockwell JawStand.

JawHorse: Not Your Father's Saw Horse 4
Rockwell JawHorse

The Rockwell JawHorse

The Rockwell JawHorse is a foldable sawhorse that far exceeds the capabilities of the standard sawhorse table. It has a sturdy steel construction and tripod design that can provide a stable work platform under a wide range of conditions. The foldable sawhorse design is very easy to set up and pack away. This makes it good for people that need a portable sawhorse workbench or for a garage workshop where space is limited.

Innovative Clamping System

While the Rockwell JawHorse is clearly capable of performing all of your basic sawhorse tasks, it is the clamping system that really helps to set it apart from other work support stations. The sawhorse table has a set of clamping jaws with a maximum capacity of 37-inches. Additionally, it can support up to 600 pounds. With one metric ton of clamping force, the Rockwell JawHorse holds items securely. It can also be the perfect work surface for a wide range of materials.

Ease of Use

In addition to having a reliable clamping system that secures the diversity of materials you need for your projects, the Rockwell JawHorse is incredibly easy to use. You just slide open the jaws, place your material in between, and then tighten the jaws using the foot lever.

The hands-free operation makes it much easier to work with larger, heavier pieces of material. It allows you to secure your work without having to remove your hands or awkwardly balance the material as you set the sawhorse up.

If you need a workbench, all you have to do is grab a piece of plywood and clamp it in the jaws of the sawhorse. It can easily support a standard door and can also be used as a third hand for jobs like installing cabinets. You could even use the clamping system on the Rockwell JawHorse to set up a workstation with a miter saw.

Install Crown Molding Like a Pro 1
Crown Molding projects with the Rockwell JawStand XP

The Rockwell JawStand

The Rockwell JawStand can be set up to work like a traditional sawhorse, but is more of a multi-purpose, portable workstand. The JawStand – like the Rockwell JawHorse – is a foldable sawhorse. This makes it easily portable. The tool also has a tripod design for increased stability, creating an adjustable height sawhorse that increases functionality.

Versatility is Key

The clamp on the Rockwell JawStand has a 1 ¾-inch range. That makes it good for holding a variety of different materials, and it should be large enough for most doors.

What helps to make the Rockwell JawStand so versatile is that the height can be adjusted from 29-41 inches. Also, the clamp can pivot up to 90-degrees. It can also hold up to 220-pounds, making the sawhorse workbench strong enough for most doors, cabinets, and drywall.

Pivoting Clamp

In addition to setting the Rockwell JawStand up and using it as your basic sawhorse table, the pivoting clamp makes it ideal for use as a third hand device. You could set the sawhorse to hold a door as you work on the hardware, support a set of cabinets you are working on. You can even set it up to support crown molding you are hanging. Furthermore, it has low-friction slides that offer an efficient, seamless outfeeding function for cutting wood.


For the best work support options, check out the Rockwell JawStand and JawHorse collection. Get yours today!

The Best Alternatives to Your Basic Sawhorse
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The Best Alternatives to Your Basic Sawhorse
Two of Rockwell’s premiere sawhorse workbench offerings: The Rockwell JawHorse and the Rockwell JawStand.
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