Oscillating Multitool Sanding

8 Tips for Putting Your Oscillating Tool to Good Use

DIY projects can require a wide range of tools. That’s one of the reasons why oscillating tools are so valuable.

Also known as multitools, these devices can perform many different functions by connecting to various blades and accessories  With a robust oscillating tool kit, you can saw, polish, cut, grind, and more. This kind of versatility helps DIY enthusiasts save money on equipment costs and workshop space.

An oscillating tool can be useful for everything from precision cuts to sanding and grout removal.

The following are just some of the smart ways you might put an oscillation tool to use:

Trimming a Door Jamb With an Oscillating Tool

Installing new flooring? If so, you might need to trim the bottom sections of certain door jambs. This is especially likely if you’re installing a material that rises up slightly from the floor, like tile.

With an oscillating tool (or with the wood cutting blade attached to your oscillating tool), you can make very precise and small cuts. This allows you to make space beneath the door jamb for the new flooring without accidentally cutting off a larger section than you intended.

Oscillating Power Tools Removing Molding

DIY projects that involve making substantial changes to a room (painting it, installing new flooring, etc.) often require you to remove the molding. Anyone who has attempted to do this without damaging it knows the process isn’t easy. That would normally be true – unless you have an oscillating power tool.

Simply attach a fine-toothed blade to an oscillation tool – the kind that would normally be used to cut through metal. The tool will cut through the layers of wood, nails and paint without causing unwanted damage, so you can easily pry molding off the wall for later use.

Removing Grout Using an Oscillating Tool Attachment

Attach a carbide blade to your oscillating tool, and you’ve got something that will cut through grout efficiently and safely. It’s the perfect way to save time if you’re redoing your bathroom.

Use a Scraper Attachment for Scraping Residue

Plenty of DIY projects can leave the floors of your workshop covered in residue from glue and other adhesive substances. Trying to remove these without the right tools is an extremely cumbersome process.

Instead, use a scraper attachment with your oscillating tools and remove them quickly. This is also useful if you’re trying to renovate a room where dried construction substances have accumulated on floors and walls.

Oscillating Tools are Designed for Cutting Through Pipes

Replacing or removing old plumbing pipes is easy with an oscillating tool kit. Several blades and attachments are designed to cut through strong materials like copper and galvanized metal.

Removing Old Paint is Another Job for a Scraper Attachment

Many scraper attachments for an oscillating power tool, like the kind used to remove dried glue from the floor of a workshop, are also useful if you need to remove layers of old paint from a wall with a thick, durable surface.

You might also want to use a the sanding pad  attachment on your tool afterwards before applying any new primer or paint.

Sanding With an Oscillating Saw

If you’re working on a smaller project and don’t feel like gathering a lot of tools, an oscillating saw with a sander attachment makes for a useful substitute for a small detail sander.

Working in Small Areas Requires an Oscillation Tool

Some areas you may be working in could be difficult to access with other tools if they’re located behind obstructions, too close to wiring, etc. Oscillating power tools are very useful in these instances, as the attachments can often reach small areas while still allowing you to work with precision.

Keep in mind, DIY enthusiasts who use oscillating tools often find many surprising and unique applications for them. Although these just a few of the most common, there’s a good chance you’ll come up with your own ideas as you familiarize yourself with the various attachments.

8 Tips for Putting Your Oscillating Tool Kit to Good Use
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8 Tips for Putting Your Oscillating Tool Kit to Good Use
Use an oscillating tool to trim a door jamb, remove molding and grout, scrape residue, cut through pipes, remove paint, sand, reach small areas.
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