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7 Projects You Can Tackle With an Oscillating Tool

The oscillating multi-tool is a favorite of professional contractors and DIYers alike. The reason for this power tool’s popularity is that it can be used to tackle a wide range of tasks. With the right oscillating tool blades and accessories, you can cut, grind, sand, polish, scrape, and more. They are also easy to use and are small enough to fit in small spaces where other power tools would not work.

For home owners and pros that are thinking about purchasing an oscillating power tool, here are seven versatile projects that you can take on using this versatile piece of equipment. 

Paint Removal Goes Quickly With an Oscillating Multi Tool

Painting is one of the most common DIY projects, and an oscillating power tool can make the job easier while also helping to provide better results. Removing that old, worn out paint is a must if you want to get the best outcome, but removing it by hand is time consuming and tedious.

Start by using a rigid scraper to remove the paint, and then switching to a sanding pad to smooth the surface down. A model like the Sonicrafter F30 oscillating multi-tool can be perfect for painting projects. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, and also comes with a conveniently long, 10ft cord.

Grout Removal Made Easy

If you are looking to regrout your bathroom, a multi oscillating tool can make the task of removing the old material much easier. A carbide oscillating tool blade should be fine for most small projects, but if you have a lot of grout to remove, you might be better off going with a diamond grit blade. These do cost more, but the diamond grit oscillating blades will make the job easier and could last significantly longer .

Remove Old Trim With An Oscillating Tool

It can be very difficult to take off old trim and molding without causing damage. With an oscillating power tool, you can make the job easier for yourself while preventing damage.

All you have to do is pry the trim away from the surface and then use a metal oscillating blade to cut away the finish nails. You’ll get the trim removed in record time, with the added bonus that it will be in good condition so it can be reused.

Trim Door Casings Cleanly

If you need to trim the bottoms of your door casings after installing new floors, an oscillating tool like the Sonicrafter F80 is perfect for the job. All you need to do is place a piece of the new flooring on the subfloor to use as a guide, and then use a flush cut oscillating blade to make a plunge cut into the door casing. The oscillating multi-tool will provide a nice clean cut, and will do the work with no problem.

Smooth Wood Fast

A cordless oscillating tool like the WORX 20v Cordless Oscillating Multi-tool can be good for a number of different sanding jobs. Most oscillating power tools are compatible with a wide variety of sanding attachments, and most accept sandpaper with a hook and loop system. This makes it easy to change out the paper.

The triangle-shaped sanding pad is probably the most popular sanding attachment, but you can also find a range of specialized sanding equipment that is good for working in hard-to-reach spaces or on corners.

Oscillating Blades Makes Cutting Pipes Seamless

The Sonicrafter F50 is an oscillating power tool that is ideal for cutting pipes. With the right oscillating blades, you can cut through copper, plastic, or galvanized pipes. The design makes this the best tool for when you have to make cuts in small spaces or on an awkward angle.

Cut Drywall Efficiently

An multi oscillating tool can make cutting holes in drywall much easier. This helps in cases where you need to cut a hole out for an outlet or switch in a wall, or if you only need to remove a section of damaged drywall. You just mark the outline, and the oscillating tool can make a quick accurate cut with no problem.

A cordless oscillating tool like the 20V MaxLithium Sonicrafter from Rockwell is ideal for cutting drywall. The cordless feature means you can work even when you don’t have power, and the 20V battery offers a long runtime for even more cuts.


Removing paint, removing grout, taking off old trim and moldings, trimming door casings, sanding wood, cutting pipes, and cutting drywall are just seven of the ways to use an oscillating tool. Discover all of the possibilities by adding one to your toolkit: Shop Rockwell oscillating tools now!

7 Projects You Can Tackle With an Oscillating Tool
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7 Projects You Can Tackle With an Oscillating Tool
Removing paint, removing grout, taking off old trim and moldings, trimming door casings, sanding wood, cutting pipes, and cutting drywall.
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