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5 Reasons to Use a Work Support Stand for Stability

The majority of people understand that having a work support stand will provide value. With a good work support station, you have a stable platform with which you can perform a number of different tasks. While most realize that a work support stand can be used for a versatile range of projects, many of the applications are not initially obvious.

When you go a step beyond your average work support and look at models like the Rockwell JawStand and the Rockwell JawHorse, you have an even wider range of possibilities. This post will look at some of the reasons to use a work support stand. These include creating a workbench or bench vise, cutting wood, assisting with solo projects, and gluing materials together.

A Convenient Workbench

One of the best things about a good work support stand is that it can be used as a convenient workbench when you are on the job. Instead of using materials and other items to construct a haphazard, makeshift workbench, you have a surface that is stable, even, and safe to use.

The Rockwell JawStand RK9003 works especially well as a workbench. By simply clamping a piece of plywood in the jaws, you have the perfect work support for any number of jobs. You will get better results with the steady surface, and it can also make a wide range of jobs safer for the user.

Use the Rockwell JawStand For Cutting Wood

It is important to have a stable surface for cutting wood. With the right work support stand, you will get cuts that are cleaner and more accurate. It will also improve safety on the job.

The Rockwell JawStand has the added benefit of being designed for outfeeding and infeeding. You can adjust the height to where you need it, allowing you to effortlessly outfeed wood as you make cuts. The Rockwell JawStand XP, like the standard Rockwell JawHorse, is designed with this feature. They both offer a stable work platform for a number of cutting applications.

Turn Your Work Support Stand Into a Bench Vise

The clamps on the Rockwell JawHorse and JawStand also make it possible for you to use these work supports like a bench vise. They can be set up almost anywhere, and provide a strong grip for a variety of different jobs.

A work support stand can be great for holding wood as you cut, drill, or sand. The JawStand XP can also be used for metalworking and to hold pipe that you need to bend or cut.

A Rockwell JawStand Can Act As a Third Hand

The Rockwell work supports can also be used as a third hand for when you are working alone. As any experienced DIYer will tell you, there are several jobs that would be easy to complete if you had just one more hand.

With the Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP work support stand, you won’t have to call anyone over when you find yourself in that type of situation. You also won’t have to take any chances that you know you shouldn’t take. The JawStand XP can be good for holding up doors, cabinets, drywall, molding, and more.

Use the JawStand XP to Glue Material

Gluing material is an important and finicky part of many jobs. If you don’t have a clamp, it can increase the difficulty.

If you need to glue materials together, the Rockwell JawStand XP or JawHorse can be perfect for the job. The clamps open wide for larger projects, and apply a metric ton of clamping force to secure the material together. The clamp is also foot operated, meaning you don’t have to take your hands off the glued material to tighten the clamps.


Discover the difference a Rockwell work support stand makes for your next project! Shop the collection of stability tools today.

5 Reasons to Use a Work Support Stand for Stability
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5 Reasons to Use a Work Support Stand for Stability
Creating a workbench or bench vise, cutting wood, assisting with solo projects, and gluing materials together.
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